Alonesy is a teen mentorship app focusing on connections, mental health and support. Working with a team of other designers we created a new updated version of an existing app.

Role: Researcher, Designer
Duration: 2 months
Tools: FigJam, Figma, Google Suite

Tasked to do

The initial problems included lack of functionality and connection among users. I focused on the mentor side of the app where a mentor would connect to a mentee or other mentors.


Updating some existing screens and adding in new features allowed for a successful new version of alonesy. I created a homepage to update mentors on activity they missed while they were away and developed a cohesive way to connect mentors with their mentees.

What I learned

No two projects are the same. Before jumping into a freelance project with a group of designers, it is important to know how each person's design process works and come to an agreement of what we find will work best to have the best overall outcome.
I joined the team with me and one other designer and a couple weeks later more designers joined.  I did not expect to become a “leader” but it just came to be as I communicate a lot and am vocal when needed.

Jumping into my first mobile sized project, I knew my design skills would thrive in some areas and lack in others. I learned not all context needs to be boxed into areas and size should be adjustable whether something is short or long. The key is to make it function and work naturally within the space you designed. Access to the UI guidelines and other inspiration of mobile projects, allowed me to create a realistic prototype for mobile users.

Challenges I faced

Trusting myself
I found myself stepping up a lot to help explain how I did certain steps in my design process which was a big boost to my confidence since I felt knowledgeable and could actually explain aspects of UX to other designers who were also new to the industry.