Fresh Market

A meal subscription plan that focuses on lunch delivery of our high-quality deli offerings to existing and new customers.

Role: Researcher, Designer
Duration: 4 months

What I learned

Your instincts may be proven wrong
During competitor testing, I noticed early on that the top competitor was not so number one after having people try to complete simple tasks. I felt frustrated with myself that I chose the wrong site but it's just the way I see things differently than others. You have to finish the project you can't keep trying to perfect it forever… let it go.

OrganizationI struggled to keep files organized and not left a mess of copy elements. I can so easily get in-depth to a design without taking time to name along the way leaving me to have to break and go back to figure out what certain elements are.

Combining new & old design skills
Grasping UI design, as well as learning to ignore the conflicting print design disciplines I was so used to, opened my eyes to how varied designs can be for different platforms.

Challenges I faced

Looking for a cohort during the holidays
Thanksgiving week was a difficult speed bump to work through. I did not think about the timing of when certain steps of the process would occur. If I planned ahead more accordingly for the dates, I would have had a more successful survey and a variety of people to choose from to participate.

You can only go so far with Figma
When it came to interactions I struggled to get items to connect and run smoothly. The only way was to make multiple clicks through flow was by making the multiple pages instead of just multiple interactions. I soon realized what I was trying to accomplish was not able to be done as easily as I thought in Figma.